Czech manufacturer of
3D filaments

We produce high-quality 3D filaments while maintaining attractive prices and constant availability using our own manufacturing facility in Prague, Czech Republic.

We produce filaments for 3D printers

With our products, even the most daring projects can be transferred from your computer to the real world.

Print With Smile filaments advantages

  • Very high quality
  • Wide range of colors and color fastness

  • Diversity of materials

We produce filaments from materials:

3D FIlaments – Print With Smile filaments are made of high quality materials that allow each user to use the full potential of 3D printing.


ASA is an ideal material for printing details exposed to weather conditions. In addition, ASA is chemically resistant, temperature-stable and has antistatic properties.


This type of filament provides improved thermal resistance and high impact resistance.


ABS Filament, which is characterised by a combination of excellent workability and aesthetic qualities.


Filament PET-G is an amorphous thermoplastic copolyester that has excellent strength and optical properties.


WS Flex is a composite material that combines the properties of rubber and other thermoplastics such as PLA or ABS.

About the Print With Smile brand

The brand belongs to the family of brands of our company FUEL INVEST, SE based in Prague. The company was founded in 2012 and is currently one of the leading czech manufacturers of 3D filaments.


Box with a smile

You will recognize our products immediately. They will smile at you. Our original filament cover is very popular among printers. We believe that you will also have a good time working with our filaments and enjoy the work.


More info about our filamets?

We will be happy to answer your questions.